Gail Sutherland

I came to Dr. Royall's office with a fully-involved fungus toenail (big toe, left foot) that hadn't so much as simply grown (not even 1/16th of an inch,) in 4 years! Efforts with other doctors, to heal this fungus (oral drugs for one year,) hadn't worked. I expected this toenail would need to be removed. Dr. Royall said my toenail would never clear up and removal was the only way to deal with the fungus.

Dr. Royall was in a timing position to do that surgery right then (as opposed to returning another day for the procedure.) So I jumped at the opportunity and in about 30 minutes, my toenail was "cured"! Having one's toe anesthetized is usually a difficult and painful experience for the patient, but Dr. Royall has a method that involves a spray of cold air to mask the pain from a needle to the toe—it works!

I have had toenail surgeries from other doctors before, and the after-pain from those previous surgeries was completely unbearable. The after-pain from this removal surgery was sleight and a dose of Tylenol made the after-pain disappear. Yay!

I had 2 recheck appointments at which, my toe was pronounced to be "looking good," and I was discharged with care instructions at the end of the second appointment.

I found Dr. Royall to be thorough and professional in treating my fungus toenail, pleasant and caring, empathetic (especially with the needle to the toe), and a really nice guy.

If I ever need podiatry help again, Dr. Royall will be my "go to" doctor. Thank you, Dr. Royall for taking good care of my toe. Happy Days!

Rebecca Fernandes

Dr. Royall is a very professional and sincere Dr. After performing ingrown, toenail surgery I had many questions, and was very anxious. He gave me his personal phone to contact him with any concerns. Let me tell you this guy has a lot of patience because I contacted him several times throughout my recovery. He always informed me about my concerns quickly AND in detail. I felt in the right place here as a dancer, and a figure skater. I’d recommend him to anyone who has gone through what I have. He goes above and beyond. One of the best doctors I have met.

Danielle Marion

Every time I go see Dr. Royall, he recommends a more conservative treatment to avoid going straight into surgery. He is knowledgeable and professional and has a great sense of humor. He is also great with kids and really knows how to work with them if they have to get any kind of procedure done.

Cameron Gunderson (DHHS)

Knowledgeable and very professional. He even got me in to see him same day for immediate help!

Kylee Marion

I love seeing Dr. Royall! Almost all my family has been seeing him for a long time now. He is very sweet and tried to help any way he can!

The staff at Mountain View Foot and Ankle is amazing themselves as well! They are always so sweet and really care about you as an individual. I definitely recommend this place to anyone!

Jonas Otsuji

Very professional. Highly recommend this guy.

Steve Young

Excellent medical care. Very friendly and welcoming doctor and staff. Highly recommended.

Tracy Winter

I can’t say it enough. I am so happy with the services I have received from Dr. Royall. I lived with years of a foot pain and ongoing foot problems, and I am now walking 3 to 4 miles a day with zero pain. The surgery was without any complication. The office care has been wonderful. And the orthotics have been a lifesaver. Thank you, Dr. Royall. I never thought this wonderful outcome was possible.

Frans Martins

I didn’t feel like just another patient. Dr. Royall’s interest in my well-being was paramount in the treatment I received. Highly recommend his practice.

Annie Martins

Moved from CA and injured my ankle again and had to get a Podiatrist fast. Dr. Royall's office immediately scheduled an appointment for me. I had to get surgery and he did an awesome job. He is friendly, listens and really care.

Jack Cottam

If you are ever in need of a great podiatrist I highly recommend seeing Dr. Steven Royall at Mountain View Foot & Ankle in Lehi. I needed a pair of custom orthotics and Dr. Royall and his office staff attended to my needs promptly. The staff at Mountain View are polite and extremely knowledgeable. They are courteous and kind. Dr. Royall took the time to explain the process which made me feel comfortable. I would rate this medical interaction as one of the best I have ever had.

Sonja Warner

Doctor Steven Royall and his staff were very kind, professional and supportive during all of my visits. He helped restore my quality of life, I can't recommend them enough!

Karrie Mizell

Dr. Royall is an amazing and caring doctor. I would highly recommend him to anyone! His front desk staff is also so friendly and very professional!

Debbie Owen

After having gone to other podiatrists, a friend recommended Dr. Royall to me and I have been going to Dr. Royall for about 2-3 years. I have found him to be extremely helpful in explaining what I need for surgery, etc. on my foot. I have had great success with my neuroma surgery and a 2nd surgery for a different issue. He is very understanding of your situation and has great follow-up after surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Royall.

Parker Davidson

Dr. Royall is awesome! Super nice and funny guy who prioritizes his patients' comfort and wellness to a tee.

Kayden “Kholt” Holt

Super nice guy. Probably the first foot doctor that didn't try to sell me oils and foot orthotics. Would for sure go back if I needed to see another foot doctor.

Craig Allen

After 2 years of painful problems with my big toe’s toenail and getting regular pedicures, I went to Doctor Royall to get his opinion. He spent two minutes and I was PAIN FREE. That was two weeks ago and it is still doing great. I am extremely pleased.

Herriman Guy

They got me in next day. Best podiatrist in the world. He is knowledgeable and passionate about his job and really provides great care.

Buffy Bentley

Dr. Royall is very good at what he does. Three of my family members have been helped by him, two of which were surgeries. He knows what he’s doing and gives clear instructions on how to heal. He was able to remove a tiny bit of a wood toothpick from my 7year old’s foot. He fixed my son’s toes, he hasn’t had a single ingrown toenail since then and was able to remove a needle from my foot. I recommend him to anyone who needs a Podiatrist.

Brooks Miller

This is an amazing office, and Dr Royall is an excellent podiatrist. I would 100 percent recommend him to anyone.

Gregg Morrow

Toe joint replacement works so well. Only 38 days after Dr Royall did a big toe join replacement surgery I’m playing pickle ball, going skiing, and going about my day without the excruciating pain I use to live with. Excellent job doc!! I highly recommend Dr Royall and staff.

Kyleigh Christiansen

I had a great experience with Dr Royall. He is very knowledgeable and friendly. Chelsea, the office manager got me in quickly and was very helpful over the phone. She was very accommodating and patient with my schedule. His office technology (digital X-ray and ultrasound) were up to date and precise in diagnosing my condition. I would highly recommend Mountain View Foot Clinic.

Melissa Covey

Highly recommend Dr. Royall. Not only is he very informative and kind, the front desk is on it! We had a bit of an emergency, got us in quickly and my son left with "I am healed" vibes.We were sent home with specific after care instructions, with an emergency contact info, WOW! Dr. Royall has amazing bedside manor and very personable. Mountain View Foot Clinic is extremely clean, efficient, and communicative. He definitely will be our go to. Thank You Mountain View Foot & Ankle Clinic!

Timothy Ponce

Dr. Royal is very skilled in bunion surgery and came highly recommended. I needed multiple consults, and every doctor seemed scared or nervous about performing the type of bunion surgery I needed. Dr. Royal was able to create a surgery plan and a recovery plan and after a year I’m feeling like my younger self. His attitude and positive demeanor made the process easy and with minimal pain. Would 100/100 recommend it.

Sky M

Awesome experience with Dr. Royal. Top-notch. I wouldn't go anywhere else for feet issues. Thank you, sir.

Daniel P

Dr. Royall is absolutely fantastic. Incredible medical knowledge and expertise in his field. Great company during appointments.


Dr. Royal is friendly, smart, and thorough. His bedside manner is exceptional. The front desk staff is seriously the best around and will work you in quickly. Glad I found them.

Alan Marx

I went here because of a potential infection and didn’t know where else to go aside from urgent care. Dr. Royall and the staff are great. Highly recommend.

Brittany Hunter

Dr. Royall and his staff are wonderful. I’ve had two foot surgeries with him and both have turned out great! He explains everything thoroughly and never makes you feel rushed in appointments so you have time to ask questions. I never have had to wait to be seen when I arrive at his office, and everyone is extremely friendly and fun. If I ever need a foot doctor again I will definitely go to Dr. Royall.

Laura Rivers

Dr. Royall is seriously the kindest, most down to earth doctor I’ve ever had. He is very knowledgeable and spends time explaining the procedure in great detail. I had what I thought was just a bunion problem but turned out that I needed a joint replacement. I went to Dr. Royal as a second opinion because another doctor said I should just get a fusion and I’m glad I did. I am a very active person and Dr. Royal said absolutely not. I had the procedure and it was more extensive than we both thought but I really couldn’t be happier. He’s been a gem during my recovery. He and his staff make you feel like family. I wish he had a family practice as well and so we could go to him for all our medical needs. I don’t write many reviews but I am filled with so much gratitude that I felt compelled to write this and hopefully give others hope if they are dealing with similar issues. We definitely hit the jackpot with Dr. Royall and his staff. I would give him 100 stars if I could. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Sarah Hemker

Most amazing caring doctor I’ve ever had in my life!!!!

Art_Potato Crafty

I came in for a foot injury and they had the best hospitality, I was nervous going in but the doctors and staff made me feel very welcome. They were great and had me well taken care of!!!!!!!

Karen Hanson

Dr. Royall is very concerned and knowledgeable. Made me feel more comfortable after only 1 visit! I highly recommend him and his staff.


Everyone there is so nice and I don’t feel rushed through the appointment at all! They take their time and make sure to answer all your questions.

N fishy

I absolutely loved my experience when I came to Mountain View Foot and Ankle Clinic. Dr. Royall is so kind and funny and he made me feel comfortable during my surgeries (which I was really nervous about). He took care of my ingrown toenails and did a great job. It's been a couple months since my last surgery and my toes are doing great and they don't hurt anymore! The price was unbeatable and they were amazing! I am so grateful for Dr. Royall and his staff!

Alexis Nicole

Brought my 3 year old to be seen! Dr. Royall is amazing in every way. He was so patient and kind.

Chris Johnsen

Relevant details about me before getting into my review: Cash Patient, issue: Ingrown toenail

Now you know if my story matters to you!

First I want to say the staff here was wonderful, rarely have I met such jovial people in medical places. Most of the time they are polite and 'nice' but, even my introverted self could not help but appreciate the real kindness this staff provides.

Dr. Royall himself is as kind, interesting and willing doctor as it gets.

I waited a month to write my review because I wanted to see the total aftermath of my surgery.

That being said, my toe with the ingrown nail has never felt better. I lived with the pain and annoyance for over 30 years and when I finally had enough I came here because it was close, only to find out the procedure takes only 15~ minutes! My first appointment they were able to look at it and take care of it then and there. To think I waited over 20 years to finally come to grips with needing to take care of this! I bought a GIANT bottle of extra strength Tylenol out of nervousness for when the anesthetic wore off but lo and behold, I didn't need ANY. I was surprised because I felt like my toe had just been butchered.

Now, not all ingrown toenails are created equal, so my experience can't be a guarantee to be yours but I can say this to ANYONE with painful ingrown toenails. GET AN APPOINTMENT. SCHEDULE NOW. You will be SO happy. I don't have insurance that covers a lot, and so I was an entirely cash patient, the price for this procedure was astonishingly affordable from what I expected.

I cannot recommend Dr. Royall enough to do the procedure for you. He's been at this a long, long time and his methods were not only quick, they were permanent and my after operation pain was extraordinarily minimal.

The worst part is just that numbing shot ;)

Brandy Nelson

Nice Dr and receptionist. Go back in three weeks for a follow-up. Update: it has been a year from my surgery. Everything is still great and all my follow up visits went well.

Monica Jimenez

I had a great experience! Doctor definitely explains everything in detail and also tells you about other options if he’s able to post pone surgery. Sadly my visit was very productive and I was very happy with our decision! Great bed side manner! Very friendly.

Jenn Potter

Honestly, I rarely see health care providers for anything, but my heel has been hurting so bad that I finally researched a little and made an appointment with Dr. Royall. I could not be more impressed. His rapport with his patients is great and he helps you understand exactly what is going on with your pain and what is causing it and then helps you figure out the best route of care. I would (and have already!) recommend(ed) him to anyone in need of foot care!

Paul Tucker

Dr. Royall does great work. Cares about all aspects of the treatment and the ultimate outcome. Thank you.

Jonathan Virgin

Dr. Royall not only did a great job on my procedure, but helped educate and inform me along the way so I knew exactly what was going on and what to expect. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Mckay Allred

I have been to the clinic a few times now, and am extremely happy with how Steven has taken care of me. His foot knowledge is vast and he has a great deal of real world experience. He listens attentively to any concerns or problems I'm experiencing, and discusses in depth the various routes of treatment. All of my questions were answered thoroughly, and I am pleased with the results I've gotten. Steven and Annie are running an outstanding clinic!

Veronica C

Amazing service, please consider this place if you need to. Great experience.

Amber Preece

Dr. Royall and his staff are great! They are always so caring and friendly. Dr. Royall is great to listen to all your concerns and give all options for fixing the problem. I’ve suffered from Achilles’ tendon pain for years and his been fantastic in helping me find ways to improve my pain and function.

Steven Holt

Dr. Royall is a no nonsense Dr. who epitomizes what I envision a Podiatrist to be. He is a technically competent doctor who makes a thorough analysis of the foot then determines the best approach to solving the problem. Great doctor to patient communication. I will continue to seek additional help from Dr. Royall. Furthermore, his staff (Annie and Chelsea) are A++ when it comes to customer service. Job well done!

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